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You are traveling alone - just you, your broken car, the fog and the dull countryside. You are tired and you take a break in a small family hotel. You're engulfed in silence - you sit and wait like you always did - it's just you and the night. 



Move: Mouse + WASD

Interact: E

Quit: F10


If you are having trouble with the resolution (text or dialogue is not visible) change the resolution before starting the game and fit it to your Windows resolution.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAtmospheric, FPS, Horror


You and the Night 1.1 76 MB


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Me gusto, y me hace acordar a alguna historia real

Nice Silent Hill vibes ;-)

I hear that this hotel has one of the best restaurants in town *wink wink nudge nudge*

(game at 3:29:25)
I LOVED the look and feel of this game, and hope to see more in this kind of setting. My only complaints are just that some of the text doesn't stay on the screen long enough to read, and the ending wasn't very satisfying. I felt like there should have been some sort of unexpected thing, or twist to the story, especially considering where the story was going

I wanted something scary because of this atmosphere...

el misterio que envuelve al juego me encanta , espero que continues desarrollando puzles tan complicados <3 me hiciste sudar la mente jajaja gran juego : ) 

Great game! Love the atmosphere and the old school horror vibes. More please (the text in game is way too fast tho)

Good Job

Reminds me of KROTHOLE II

Good game man! Def enjoyed playing, but I do think there could be more horror elements. Still, fun play!

played this as part of a 3 scary games, atmosphere was really good, and I liked the puzzles too!

I really enjoyed this game, I was really hoping it would be longer. The hotel looked great and the story was just getting good and quite creepy! 

The game did crash on me twice, but other than that everything else worked well and I didn't have any issues with the puzzles. I look forward to playing whatever else you make in the future :)


I got to the room once, but it froze when I went to press to sleep on the bed, but was too close to the clock, so it gave that description, and then froze on it. So had to force quit it. 

Each time after that I couldn't even get to the gameplay, it kept freezing and crashing on the spinning keys at the beginning

This looks like an awesome game, just wish I could play it lol

Awesome game - interesting and creepy

This game was a lot of fun don't get me wrong (I love escape room style games), but I think it's missing a few things. First is some of the directions were unclear, I didn't really know I was supposed to be escaping the hotel until I interacted with the gate. Second, I wish the game had more of a horror feel to it. You got the ominous part down great (strange town, filthy hotel, masks on the walls, etc..>, but there's not much really saying "I got to get out of here now!" Honestly with a little polish and a few tweaks this game could be one of the best escape room type games I've played in a minute! Thank you for the experience and I hope my comments help.

I feel like we're missing a lot of "meat" in this game; it would have been interesting to see us talking with the owners, renting the room, getting into place, maybe hearing spooky things as they prepare for... dinner (or whatever). I more or less like what's there, the puzzles aren't bad for an escape room type game. Thanks for the game!

Loved this game really scary

Amazing game! But there's let's say two things I would improve, the first thing is at start of the game, car driving felt a little to long. Second thing is the ending, it ended to fast!!! Overall it felt like a great game with huge potential ;)

this was a fun little horror game i will have to say i was hoping for some spooks, i like the story and the change in setting this waa fun.

Very good graphics and story, even though it is an old game I enjoyed the experience and I was interested to know what was really going on there, in the end it did a good job, it would even make a continuation...

Gameplay PT-BR

Pff.. Great atmosphere, really good enviroment and i love the graphics!!! Waiting for your next game!! I did a video on my channel (Spanish) Hope you like it!

Really cool short horror game. Awesome atmosphere that did a fantastic job at building up the tension although I wish there was a chase scene or scare or something at the end since it ended so abruptly. Great job though and can't wait to see what you make next!

Gamenya bagus tapi sayang resolusi layar yang bagus hanya 1920x1080 selain itu tulisan serta gambarnya jadi terpotong

That was awesome! The constantly increasing anxiety, steps, shadows. This game is great because it makes you play with your own imagination and it's really something new. Beautiful work. 

Great game, enjoyed it!

Enjoyable, some weird movement, great atmosphere


The car broke down and he stayed in a strange hotel

Cool game! Loved the graphics

Hi! I played your game and posted it on my YT channel (: I really enjoyed playing this one, it gave me chills but was so calm at the same time!

Comments below clip:

After a nightmare, when the night has vanished, I was lucky enough to still have a mare...

I liked the riddles and puzzles in this game as they made you think and work on finding solutions. The only thing I wonder about is those 2 doors that didn't open.

Regardless, I had a blast playing this game, so thank you guys for making this game. Kudos to all involved!

I don't understand what's happening when using the cupboard/picture beside the Safe after finding the Zippo.

Good atmosphere, a little on the nose with the Notes, maybe a bit more environmental storytelling instead of notes. And try to use Raycast for interaction instead of Box colliders.

Finding and solving the puzzles in the game was fun and adventurous in a small hotel. Great game!!!

now this looks like a very cool game just wish it was longer haha!

I REALLY enjoyed this game it was so well made, thank you and keep up the awesome work! :)

A great game. Enjoyed it!



La dixième série du spécial 3 pour 1 et voici les titres , - Reunion L'histoire de Jeff le tueur. - RealCop Vous êtes une police et devrez investigué à l'intérieur d'une maison où la voisine à crue voir des fantômes à l'intérieur. -You and the night Vous êtes en voiture et arrêter à une station service car votre véhicule n'est plus en état pour continuer. Le garagiste vous propose du travail mais....

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