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You are traveling alone - just you, your broken car, the fog and the dull countryside. You are tired and you take a break in a small family hotel. You're engulfed in silence - you sit and wait like you always did - it's just you and the night. 



Move: Mouse + WASD

Interact: E

Quit: F10


If you are having trouble with the resolution (text or dialogue is not visible) change the resolution before starting the game and fit it to your Windows resolution.

Updated 8 days ago
Published 27 days ago
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAtmospheric, FPS, Horror


You and the Night 1.1 76 MB


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Buen juego, saludos desde España, me sorprendió gratamente, muy bueno, los invito a suscribirse a mi canal de YouTube, invito a todos a mi canal, enlace de canal; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Ze0stcmF5zKGiRwGj2RJA?sub_confirmation=1

You managed to weave the visual elements together pretty consistently. The poly count of the objects was a little all over the place - some PS1 level, some had subsurfs on them - but it still all actually held together pretty well. 

Some basic stuff like including a way to exit the game and the UI not scaling with resolution could be fixed in a few minutes. I felt like the player character was too big for the doors, also.

There are spelling and grammatical errors in the text. You could take a closer look over that and try to improve. 

I didn't actually complete the game because I got stuck after getting the crowbar, screwdriver and lighter. Couldn't find a place to use the lighter and after combing all the rooms for 5-10 minutes, I gave up.

Nice work. It seem like you are done with this one so hopefully that feedback is useful for your future projects.

Just finished your game and I can't wait for more! the letters around the place leaves a mystery and want to see what else is there in that strange town

I do have the same problem with some, even if I change the screen resolution to fit my monitor or even if I drop it to the lowest, Either the subs get cut off or the screen cuts off the subs and the subs size never changed. 

Hi, i play the game for the first time, and the font its too big for the screen, i play on 1280x720 and i cant read the first man what i talk, i hope you can fix this, because i think you have talent to make a good game, regards, Mob Soulja

You absolutely nailed the aesthetics and the atmosphere. Can't wait for future updates!

There are some things I would like to point out though. Every time I stop walking, my character always makes another step or two before actually stopping - not a huge issue, but it bugged me out the whole time while playing...

I was also wondering if the small lighter could perhaps be used as a light source? Because with most horror games I have the trouble of them beeing too dark, so that would be neat.

Really enjoyable though, amazing job!

The game looks really cool! But for some reason, it display at bigger res than my monitor and a huge portion of the screen gets covered. Any fix for that?

I will replace the file in a minute!

hey! Thanks!

WOW! Nice game!

I thought the aesthetics of this game was really cool. So I was a little disappointed when I got to that nice room but couldn't do anything but walk around. I hope you decide to do something with the TV/VCR.

Also, I could have swarn I've seen that car interior model in another game. Did you make it or did you get it from somewhere?

Anyway, hope to see an update soon. Have a good one.

Thanks for playing it. Yeah, it is just a tech demo and you can't do anything - There will be a lot of interactive elements in the final game. The car interior/exterior was modeled by me and I didn't use it somewhere else.


Got some promise! I really like the attention to detail and spooky silent hill vibes!

hey, thanks for playing the demo! Full game will be out in the next two or three weeks!

I'm a big fan of silent hill and plan on making a similar game myself. This was very inspiring keep it up :)

Reminds me of Silent Hill. And that's a good thing :)

Silent hill, is it you? I loved the tech demo, good first impression! Can't wait till the full game. Noticed a small bug when talking to the gas station dude.

Not much here.

i cant wait till you release your game its really short but it gave me a good 5 minutes chills here is my playtrought


Can't wait to delve into this game in Feb :P

This has a lot of promise! Great atmosphere, there's space for a good storyline. Way to short, I want more! Here's my playthrough:


Thanks for checking out my early build and for creating a video! I'm currently working hard on finishing the game. I guess I'll release the full experience in february.

This was good although i did not expect the game to end like that xD Also your game doesn't appear to support 16:9 as the text during talking to the guy at the gas station cuts off at the bottom. Other then that solid game and hope the game gets fully released. Also made a video on it.

Thank you for playing the demo! I'll look into the issue with 16:9 - thanks for the tip!

fun man good job 

Thanks for your kind feedback!

I can see where your going with this I hope you put more into this game because it could be something special, but at the moment there's nothing you can do.

Thank you for playing the beta! There's more to come and I'll release the final version in february!

I can't wait to play the full version! The text when I was talking to the gas station model was going off my screen, but I am not sure if that's an issue with my PC. I really like the music as well.

Thank you for your feedback! I will look into the issue!

Enjoyed what's been shown so far : )
Going to follow the development, hope to see more soon!

Cool! Thanks!

Played the last update and man, really nice to see the game taking shape and heading for a good direction!

It is rough on some aspects, specially the programming (the 'Inspect' prompt stays on screen when you face the opposite way of the object; when you open the suitcase, for example, the Inspect command is still available, although nothing happens when we inspect it; the left hotel window displays overlapping text; someone here already pointed out about the extra footstep). I see the game's main strength are the visuals, so the only tiny thing I'd add on this build is a smudge or dirty where the 4th mask is supposed to be, so we'll instantly know there's one missing when we look at the wall.

All in all, awesome job, I hope the development is going well :)


:D i think soon good game for full storu :D

Rly promising! Digging the overall aesthetic and layout of the areas. It feels ominous yet oddly comfy? Not sure if you know but the window doesn't fully capture mouse input if you have more than one monitor due to it moving onto the other screen when turning. I know it's still a WIP but how would you feel about making the motel room slightly darker to give more emphasis on the outside lighting and the lamp? I love the look of the assets tho so far ^-^ and also the ambient tracks! keep up the good work !!


Thank you for the feedback! I will look into the issue with the 2 monitors and your suggestion with the darker hotel room, which sounds like a good idea.

What to do in the motel??? Can't interact with anything....I can move through all  the things is there any bug?? Because I suppose to take some rest as per the objective in the game?

Thanks for your feedback. You can't do anything in the hotel room, it's just a short glimpse into the ongoing development process, so there's still a ton of content missing.

Any release date of this game???

It looks promising by the way :) 

I think march might be realistic