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I can't wait to play the full version! The text when I was talking to the gas station model was going off my screen, but I am not sure if that's an issue with my PC. I really like the music as well.

Thank you for your feedback! I will look into the issue!

Enjoyed what's been shown so far : )
Going to follow the development, hope to see more soon!

Cool! Thanks!

Played the last update and man, really nice to see the game taking shape and heading for a good direction!

It is rough on some aspects, specially the programming (the 'Inspect' prompt stays on screen when you face the opposite way of the object; when you open the suitcase, for example, the Inspect command is still available, although nothing happens when we inspect it; the left hotel window displays overlapping text; someone here already pointed out about the extra footstep). I see the game's main strength are the visuals, so the only tiny thing I'd add on this build is a smudge or dirty where the 4th mask is supposed to be, so we'll instantly know there's one missing when we look at the wall.

All in all, awesome job, I hope the development is going well :)

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:D i think soon good game for full storu :D

Rly promising! Digging the overall aesthetic and layout of the areas. It feels ominous yet oddly comfy? Not sure if you know but the window doesn't fully capture mouse input if you have more than one monitor due to it moving onto the other screen when turning. I know it's still a WIP but how would you feel about making the motel room slightly darker to give more emphasis on the outside lighting and the lamp? I love the look of the assets tho so far ^-^ and also the ambient tracks! keep up the good work !!


Thank you for the feedback! I will look into the issue with the 2 monitors and your suggestion with the darker hotel room, which sounds like a good idea.

What to do in the motel??? Can't interact with anything....I can move through all  the things is there any bug?? Because I suppose to take some rest as per the objective in the game?

Thanks for your feedback. You can't do anything in the hotel room, it's just a short glimpse into the ongoing development process, so there's still a ton of content missing.

Any release date of this game???

It looks promising by the way :) 

I think march might be realistic


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